2023 - resumption of deliveries to domestic consumers
2022  - production of a new self-propelled mine machine with mixing and charging equipment (TMMC)
2022 - participation of loading and delivery machines "MINER" in the Championship "The best in the profession of ALROSA"
2022 - in April of this year, an article about the special equipment of the MINER company was published on the website of the popular science magazine "TechInsider"
2021 - the beginning of the work of the service service of  "MINER" in the Far North.
2010  – design work has been completed on the TMOD Mine self-propelled machine for transportation oil dispenser, the Load-haul-dumper lhd-14, and the MT-10 chassis.
2009  – Mine truck MT-27, Mine self-propelled machine for transportation of staff tmts-24 and for transporting industrial gases TMIG are undergoing mock-up tests.
2008  – the range of auxiliary equipment has increased.
2007 – acceptance tests of the first copies of auxiliary equipment based on the MT-6 chassis (for the transportation of TMTS-16 personnel and for the transportation of TMCP-5 cargo), as well as the first Russian mine dump truck MT-35, were completed.
Since 2003 – we have been regular participants of the annual MINING WORLD exhibition in Moscow.