2022  - production of a new self-propelled mine machine with mixing and charging equipment (TMMC)

An important event for our company was the replenishment of the line of auxiliary equipment. A self-propelled mine machine with mixing and charging equipment (TMMC) was produced. The TMMC is designed for the delivery of explosives and (or) their components to underground blasting sites and lifting personnel during pneumatic loading of wells, boreholes and chambers with granular explosives. The machine is used in underground mining operations in mines (mines) that are not dangerous for gas and dust.

         A telescopic, rotary hydraulic lift with a platform and mixing and charging equipment are installed on the rear frame of the TMMC.         
        The platform lifting is controlled from the chassis platform and is duplicated from the working platform. To illuminate the working area, an adjustable headlight is installed on the working platform.           
        Outriggers with a locking device are installed behind the platform to create a reliable support contour for the auto-hydraulic lift. TMMC is equipped with a fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment, and three additional fire extinguishers.           
        The closed cabin of the TMMC operator is equipped with an independent air heater.

Telescopic hydraulic lift device
        The lift is mounted on a support-undercarriage attached directly to the car chassis. To ensure the operation of the lift without tipping over from external influences, supports with hydraulic cylinders attached to them are provided on the supporting chassis.
       The rotary part is attached to the support-running part through a turntable, which makes it possible to turn the boom. The slewing device is driven by a hydraulic motor.
        The telescopic boom consists of 3 sections. The extension of the telescopic boom sections is carried out by telescoping hydraulic cylinders.

Charging and mixing equipment "Ulba-400MI" of the MTSP machine is designed for:

        - pneumatic transportation of granular explosives (GBB) over a distance of up to 350 m and pneumatic loading of boreholes and wells with a diameter of 36 to 150 mm at any inclination to the horizon in underground mines and mines that are not dangerous for dust and gas;
        - preparation of the simplest gas explosives from non-explosive components and pneumatic charging of boreholes and wells with a diameter of 36 to 320 mm.

Charging and mixing equipment provides:
- vacuum loading of standard explosive or its components;
- mixing in a predetermined ratio of saltpeter with oil, followed by evacuation and pressure treatment of the resulting mixture;
- pneumatic conveying through the charging pipeline of a standard or manufactured explosive with a given consumption of explosives and air, followed by the formation of a charge in the well;
- supply of water or ammonium nitrate solution to the explosive stream at the outlet in a predetermined ratio;
- weight control of explosives in the injection chamber;
- control of air pressure in the network, in the pressure chamber and at the outlet;
- adjustment and control of the consumption of oil products and saltpeter solution.